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IT DR Planning with Business Continuity alignment (Framework, Modeling)

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FREE Assessment of an IT challenge. Tech/Org advice with Partner engagement.

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Will RPA exacerbate bad process habits as time goes by?

I can’t help but notice that while RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is normally considered to be a good companion of the Business Process Management Automation, it can easily become an adversary of a quality BPM. Many business functions subject to RPA are notoriously inefficient process-wise. And while it is very tempting to replace slow human […]

What’s the difference between building a CMS and a House?

What is it all about Many ITIL adopters embark on a journey of structuring their IT assets and resources to achieve various organisational goals like transparency of IT costs, alignment with business goals and processes or just as simple as asset/license accountability. ITIL has CMS (Configuration Management System, formerly CMDB), which is a conceptual federating […]

Cloud+Mobility is NOT a guarantee for a successful Disaster Recovery

Insurance data  shows that about 75 percent of businesses lack a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), or a set of steps to help them resume critical operations as soon as possible after a disaster. Without a recovery plan in place, businesses can stand to lose thousands of dollars  ($300,000 per hour on average, according to Gartner) Natural […]

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